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Bring back the Bell Beefer and Good Food

  • Bring back the bell beefer, the old look, old cooking habits, old suppliers of real food, and the people that knew how to make good food. Reduce the cluttered marketing, dumb slogans, dumb commercials and put value back into the products retail price ! The Bell went off the tracks in the late 80's and never came back !

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    • I agree, the bell beefer needs to ruturn and stop talking about thinking outside the bun, I used to love taco bell until they took away the bell beefer and changed the taste of the beef. I really don't like the changes. BRING THE GOOD FOOD BACK,  The taste of the toastada does not taste good with out the original beef. Thanks Sharon Walt

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    • they actually still make it for me at my local taco bell 

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    • I would also like Taco Bell to bring back the Bell Beefer and the Bell Beefer Supreme. I grew up in the 70's and loved the Bell Beefer. Please consider bringing them back, even for a short time to see how they do. Perhaps test marketing them in Fremont, California store.  ;-)

      Thanks, Kevin McMullens

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    • please bring back the bell beefer and anything to do with it!! It was the best and I think it was before its time. Today I believe everyone would like it. Nobody gets homemade sloppy joes so they will love this I am telling you it will go over big now its the best !!!!!!!!!!! please bring it to Atascadero CA 93422 Please!!!!  :) Thank you Debbie Menter

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