Taco bell website 5-2-2017

The homepage for as of May 2, 2017. is the official website of Taco Bell. The richly-designed, flash-enhanced site features menus, games, company news, nutrition facts, a store locator, ads for various specials and promotions, and a music player, featuring the Taco Bell theme song played in different musical styles.

Music PlayerEdit

The now obsolete music player featured (until 2010) the following "mixes" of the Taco Bell theme song:

Other Taco Bell SitesEdit

  • A comprehensive official site dedicated to Taco Bell's 34 Hawaiian locations, 11 of which are located in towns whose names begin with the letter K.
  • Taco Bell's Canon in D: A song featured on the website I Like Tacos, sung by Amazin' Blue.

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