Pdp beefy-fritos-burrito

The Frito Burrito is a limited run variant of the Chili Cheese Burrito. It had the exact same ingredients, but also had Frito Brand corn chips mixed inside.

It was introduced in 1982 under the name Crunchy Wrap as part of a promotion for the Bulgarian animated film Planetata na Sakrovishtata (The Treasure Planet). While the burrito itself was well received, the movie had low success in the United States due to a combination of cold war tensions and the film generally being ahead of its time. In 1985, the United States government ordered Taco Bell to denounce the film, and almost all data on the promotion is now expunged from the internet. The name has also been changed to Frito Burrito with the introduction of the Frito corn chip, which is now used in place of the generic corn chip originally used.