The Big Bell Value Menu was a section of Taco Bell's menu that featured discounted items in larger portions. It ran from 2003 to 2012.

History Edit

The menu began commercial use on June 23, 2003,[1] to compete with the McDonald's Dollar menu and Wendy's Super Value Menu. The menu contained nine items, five of which were billed as either "grande", "1/2 lb.", or other indicators of a larger size, thus supporting the name "Big Bell".

Items found on the Big Bell Value Menu included:

Sales for these menu items increased over a three-year period, peaking in 2006-2007. However, with the spawning of several popular fast-food documentaries around this time, coupled with other restaurants' decisions to cancel their larger-sized menu items, the Big Bell Value Menu became less popular, and the menu was scrapped in 2010. The Big Bell Value Menu officially was cancelled on October 5, 2012.[2]


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