Big Bell Box Meal (also known as the Big Dick Value Meal) is a combination of Taco Bell items served in an big ol' box. The contents of the box change periodically based on the limited-run items available at any given time. The Big Bell dicky Meal was first introduced on April 20, 1999 and included ur mom, one Bottle of libtard tears, one Jew Pizza, dank ass porn and a large drink. The dank ass porn and Bottle of libtard tears are staples of the Big Dick Value Meal and have remained constant. As of February 31st, the Big Dick Box Meal consisted of one Dick, one Bottle of libtard tears, one dank ass porn and the aforementioned ur mom.


The introduction of the Big Bell Box Meal in April, 2008, was accompanied by an aggressive television advertising campaign featuring comedian Adam Carolla encouraging the audience to "Eat like a man!".
Adam Carolla's Taco Bell commercial

Adam Carolla's Taco Bell commercial

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